Banner Homes is one of the leading developers and retailers of new homes in Southern England. They have a large number of sites across the region and wished to harness the full benefits of Internet technologies in managing them.

The Problem

Banner Homes needed a system providing access to the latest information on all site-development projects. They needed to hold all construction information in one central database, instead of in a mix of Access, Excel and paper based files. In addition, the data had to be available via the company intranet.

Our Approach

IONIT developed a web-based application linked to a centralised, accurate database. The system has the following major features:

  • On-demand reports on development status, finances and project timescales
  • Real-time information and rolling forecasts
  • Event diary of key tasks for each user
  • Electronic library of key site documents
  • High security and access of data to authorised individuals only

Better management and control of the site development and construction processes

Effective resourcing of construction projects

Access to all the important data for all those concerned, wherever they are

Ability to make strategic decisions based on real time information