SBD Automotive is a global company that provides research and strategic support to the automotive industry. With offices located in 6 countries all over the world and a global team of specialists in the automotive technology, the company has shown a significant growth over the last few years.
This created the need to review and revamp the existing IT setup to respond to the business expansion and constant market changes.

The Problem

The Customer decided to replace the existing customer portal with a new solution built on SharePoint Office 365. The main goal was to improve customer engagement and interactivity of user experience. The new portal was planned to allow SBD’s customers’ businesses and users to register, get associated with the report catalog, download latest published reports for their use, search latest news and events, and access account sections to check and manage user profile settings.

Our Approach

Our Customer was looking for a solution to be hosted by any major cloud or hosting provider. With this in mind, we proposed a bespoke Microsoft.Net based solution that could be perfectly tied up with SBD O365 SharePoint based backend used to manage the Report publishing process. Our solutions included five main components: Customer Web Portal, Office 365 SharePoint Online, API Service Interface, CRM API Service Interface and External Media Drive.

The solution physical architecture was built using Cloud VM to host the customer web-portal and the API services. This helped optimise the system performance and user experience. We used different series of VMs to keep the performance of applications up to the mark. Auto-scaling was enabled on Web-portal to handle the abrupt influx of the user load.

SBD’s existing CRM was linked to the new solution. In addition, we helped the Customer with data migration to the live environment.

The solution has powerful report publishing features and allows external portal applications to access reports and user related information. Furthermore, the new system allows storing large media with multiple file types, downloading reports and requesting access.

Our solution has responsive UI design and is compatible with all major browsers and devices.

With an intelligent ranking mechanism, users can get the right information at the first go.

Powerful data collection for analytics enables our Customer study users’ behaviour and adjust their market strategies accordingly.

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