SBD Automotive is a global company that provides research and strategic support to the automotive industry. With offices located in 6 countries all over the world and a global team of specialists in automotive technology, the company has shown significant growth over the last few years.
This created the need to review and revamp the existing IT setup to respond to the business expansion and constant market changes.

The Problem

The Customer decided to build an intranet portal to allow the organisation and its users to improve their everyday work operations, to view their organisational and departmental announcements, to have a workplace for managing their internal photos/videos of different meetings, social events, project event etc., to remove the existing discontent of the users with the tools provided to them to manage documents, to have approval workflows for internal and departmental documents and to make information sharing across departments smooth and hassle-free.

Our Approach

Our Customer was looking for an intranet solution to be built on SharePoint online. We proposed an intranet portal solution hosted within SBD’s SharePoint Customer Portal administration site on O365.
The solution creates SharePoint hosted pages for implementing different features. All of this is contained within Office 365 SharePoint Online. Our solution included five main components: Departmental Sites, Project Workspace, Report Workspace, Search Centre and Intranet Portal Home.

To improve performance and reduce the storage costs, some of the images and video files are stored in External storage (like GoDaddy) and their publicly accessible hyperlinks are configured within SharePoint.
We implemented data migration for department sites, production reports, and client projects by creating intermediate sites and pulling information from multiple sources. We have also introduced metadata management and updated the metadata of the documents sized over 200GB.

Structured multi-level storage of documents which mapped better with the organisation’s structure and reporting hierarchy

Reuse of intelligent metadata for document search and workflow logic which reduced maintenance overheads

Enforcement of organisation-wide document templates integrated with approval workflows

Improved Search by introducing metadata and ranking mechanism

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