Plessey Semiconductors is the leading expert in the development and manufacturing of GaN-on-Si LED products and EPIC Sensors.

The Problem

Our Customer is expecting a significant growth within the next couple of years. This includes an increase in the staff from 150 to 400 people. Therefore, to meet the increasing need of collaboration and document management across various business functions, Plessey has envisioned building an integrated collaboration solution based on SharePoint 2013 Online.

Our Approach

IONIT team was selected to lead the rolling out of SharePoint across the organisation. We conducted Discovery sessions with all the key stakeholders to create a collaboration strategy and roadmap. As part of this strategy, we built a successful Proof of Concept (POC) solution to help the senior decision makers with Go-No Go decision for the full scale rollout. This included:

  1. Document collaboration (including improved document sharing and a powerful search capability)
  2. Project Sites, Team Sites, My Site
  3. Meeting Workspace
  4. Blogs and Org Chart
  5. NOC Process Workflow
  6. Branding: Corporate branding, look and feel

Creating a clear strategy for Plessey’s team for future collaboration roadmap. It demonstrated how improved collaboration can help increase productivity and efficiency

Creating a reusable solution template and presenting a responsive, intuitive and easy  to use solution to engage the user community

An effective requirement elicitation tool for the business users to plan their requirements

Helping the Customer’s technical team with the SharePoint administration activities

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