JDR Cable Systems Ltd. is a provider of bespoke subsea power cables, umbilical systems and reeler packages for a broad range of applications to the offshore energy industry. JDR has an accomplished record of meeting client expectations and a commitment to life cycle customer service which makes JDR the global partner of choice to its customers. JDR is expanding rapidly with the current business level expected to double in the next two years. The company has international manufacturing locations in the UK, the US and the Far East.

The Problem

The solutions provided by JDR Cables to its customers are complex and challenging. The solution developed involves sales, engineering design, planning, manufacturing and QA departments. Some of the components are supplied by external parties. The sensitive role that the solutions play for offshore energy companies require thorough testing of all components evidenced by certification, regulatory compliance and test documentation.

A SharePoint based documentation management system was required to:

  • Meet the rapid growth of business by increasing productivity from existing resources
  • Facilitate centralised project document control through project site based collaboration
  • Integrate the working of sales, design, planning, manufacturing and QA departments
  • Ensure availability of correct versions of documents during entire project life cycle
  • Enable timely payment from customers

Our Approach

ION IT was initially engaged to carry out business analysis of the requirements and present an outline of the solution to the Executive Management Team in July 2012.
This phase involved mapping current business processes in all the departments and drawing out the wish list of requirements. Document flows and document relationships were established along with the issues preventing the efficient functioning of processes in the sales to order to cash cycle.

In order to mitigate the risk of such a large project, JDR cables agreed to carry out a proof-of-concept project. This was a sample document management solution providing automated invoice scanning and processing (IPS). This project started in August 2013 and involved the integration of multiple systems: Ephesoft document capture/scanning, SharePoint repositories and workflows and InforVisual ERP.

Core functionality has been delivered at each phase including:

  • Educating different stakeholders to accept the need for the solution.
    Simplification of business processes within departments.
  • Reconciling differing priorities and preferences of various departments.
  • Selection of appropriate technologies.
  • Distributed development of the solution in three locations.
  • Effective project management keeping the EMT engaged over the project lifecycle.
  • Time pressures on key JDR Cables employees with conflicting requirements of the DMS project and their day to day work.

Reliable technology selection guidance

An evolving, scalable solution to address JDR Cables’ expansion objectives

An innovative contribution to address issues outside application development

An innovative methodology for fast and effective solution delivery with attractive economics and future flexibility with resources and support.