Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) delivers services to almost 500,000 residents across 4 districts. The services include waste collection, fire services, health, schools and community support.

The Problem

BCC had 32 legacy systems spread across their IT infrastructure and 4 interfaces to external entities. There were clear benefits to sharing the information between legacy systems and providing a common interface to the external entities. The SAP application was selected to be the hub of the integration and IONIT implemented a solution for two-way data exchange between SAP and the legacy components.

Our Approach

ION IT was engaged to deliver the enterprise level solution which included:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Common architecture
  • A flexible approach to allow more interfaces to be added in the future
  • The interfaces must be capable of inbound and outbound data exchanges between SAP and legacy applications
  • In total, 55 interfaces were created between SAP, the legacy systems and the external entities

Centralized control and administration of all interfaces reducing manual intervention and interruption

Possible to view the interface status using a web browser along with real-time view of the interface status

Ability to add more interfaces with the help of common architecture whenever desired with less efforts in comparison to design and development of the new interface in isolation

An innovative methodology for fast and effective solution delivery with attractive economics and future flexibility with resources and support.