If you find yourself on a journey of improving productivity, reducing cost and meeting other crucial business goals, we can help you define the right measures to make sure this transformation is successful and predictable. The availability of good data at the right time speeds up decision-making and improves chances of getting great results.

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Service Offerings

Business AS Usual Application Support

  • Performance tuning
  • Feature enhancement
  • Technology migration
  • Enhance documentation

  • Establishing a data centre
  • Enabling a measurement framework
  • Sustainable data management
  • Rationalising and connecting legacy systems and technologies
  • Business process alignment
  • Clear gates to ensure quality of data
  • Scalable solutions
  • Program overview document
  • Program risk and issue log
  • Program governance plan


Application Monitoring

  • Dashboards to monitor ETL process and exceptions
  • Error tracking to aid bug fixing
  • Automated alerts

  • Standard parametric reports
  • KPI-based reporting
  • Ad-hoc analysis and reporting


  • Collaboration tools
  • Supporting on-the-fly analysis
  • Self-service modelling

Self-Services Support and User Support

  • Help define reports and data feeds
  • Address data integration issues
  • LMS based learning
  • 24 x 7 tech support
  • Functional support


  • Easier and improved support for data analysis
  • Faster deployment options
  • Simpler, customisable, and collaborative end-user interfaces
  • Makintg BI tools easy to use
  • Making data warehouse solutions fast to deploy and easy to manage
  • Make data sources easy to access
  • Single version of the truth
  • Right presentation of data
  • Managing master data

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Kishore Anand

Principal Consultant