Unlike other products, SharePoint and Alfresco are multi-purpose platforms that combine capabilities ranging from Collaboration, Document management, Business process management, Business Intelligence, Search, Social etc. It is imperative to have a skilled and experienced partner who can guide you through your collaboration journey.

We focus on familiarising you with capabilities of the platfrom (SharePoint/Alfresco), the business use and application areas within your industry domain. We also help you map the features and functionalities of the platform against your business needs and use cases. The end goal is to create an all encompassing plan and roadmap to deploy the choice of your collaboration platform (SharePoint/Alfresco) in your environment.

Our end-to-end Collaboration Consulting services include requirement assessment and planning, farm design, technical implementation, and support, including training for both administrators and end users.

Service offerings

Discovery and Roadmapping

The Discovery phase focuses on understanding your overall business and project objectives. Specific functional and non-functional requirements are defined at this stage. A detailed analysis covers the complete spectrum of the system users. The objective is always a successful delivery of the agreed programme for both the enterprise and its end users.

  • Requirement assessment and gap analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews to capture business goals and directives
  • Capture stakeholder objectives through questionnaire specifically designed for the engagement
  • Conduct SharePoint enablement sessions to educate end users
  • Conduct workshops to capture functional and non-functional requirements
  • Capture baseline values for ROI tracking
Post feasibility study and analysis, we will come up a detailed execution approach & plan. The Report includes our recommendations and best practices to be followed.

  • High level Project planning and road map
  • Communication plan
  • User training and adoption plan
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Topology design
  • Governance plan

Upgrade and Migration Consulting

A version upgrade or migration is a major challenge for any organisation that has invested in SharePoint/Alfresco. Every new edition brings more features to improve your business case. With several applications and customised SharePoint to the business needs, it becomes imperative to migrate these functionalities to the future platform. This involves significant effort, risk and cost.

The complexity is even higher when you need to migrate from another existing solution platform to SharePoint/Alfresco. We have helped several clients migrate their environment from one version SharePoint/Alfresco version to the latest, as well as from on-premises to hosted models or Office 365.

The Pre upgrade analysis helps us identify risks to be taken care of for a successful execution of the project. During the assessment phase, if any changes are needed in the implemented Information Architecture, the same is evaluated. Our deliverables will include:

  • Information Architecture
  • High level solution design
  • Effort and schedule approximation

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During this phase, the existing application is thoroughly reviewed for possible enhancements that add value to the respective business solution and is considered in the new SharePoint design. The migration project can range from simple migration of content from file system or can be as complex as recreating the functionality of an existing ageing solution. Our deliverables will include:

  • Business objectives & Critical success factors
  • Information architecture for SharePoint solution
  • Current application assessment
  • High level solution design
Based on findings during the assessment phase, we will create a detailed Upgrade/ Migration plan. We will also provide a recommendation if certain applications need to be rebuilt or enhanced to best utilize capabilities of the future platform. Our deliverables will include:

  • Migration approach & methodology
  • Risk identification and mitigation plan
  • Effort and schedule approximation
  • Upgrade/Migration plan

Assessment and Advisory


Organisations are keen to improve the way work gets done in their departments and functions. Many have business improvement needs to be identified, but are unsure about technology platforms and their capabilities.

Our Assessment and Advisory Consulting is designed for organizations wishing to extend the usage of either Microsoft SharePoint or Alfresco across the business. This engagement focuses on identifying potential areas where SharePoint/Alfresco are a great fit for the business. We leverage our experience and knowledge of various industry domains to recommend use cases and application areas.

Assessment phase focuses on understanding functional and non-functional business requirements and finding solutions to identified pain points, together with its implications on supporting systems or applications it may need to integrate with.

  • High Level requirement study
  • Gap analysis
  • Demonstration of SharePoint/Alfresco capabilities
Advisory phase provides recommendations based on findings from the Assessment phase. The objective is to provide a detailed Implementation Approach, Cost & Plan.

  • Implementation Approach & Methodology
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Effort and Schedule Approximation
  • Solution Architecture
  • High Level Design
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Effort and Schedule Approximation
  • Solution Architecture
  • High Level Design

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Venugopal Prabhoo

Principal Consultant - Collaboration Solutions

Venu is an engineering graduate from College of Engineering and has over 25 years of experience in Manufacturing and IT industries. He believes that true collaboration can be achieved when technology becomes an enabler. With his vast experience on both open source and proprietary systems he is an evangelist who plays the role of a consultant to help your organization achieve it true potential.