We help our customers secure and take full advantage of key assets and business data. With the right mix of processes, people, and tools, we make data actionable and ‘single version of the truth’ reliable.

The right data presentation is often a key to a successful user adoption. We make sure your users find information quickly and in the right format freeing up time for the actual data analysis.

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Service Offerings

Enterprise Data Warehouse

We help our customers build an enterprise data warehouse to store, archive and retrieve appropriate BI information from the use of structured and unstructured data. We identify data warehousing needs and populate a data warehouse from the operational system. Then we provide a metadata dictionary and ensure that data population is automated and triggers alerts and failures. Additionally, we can support warehouses and build cubes.

  • Building data-warehouse and data-marts
  • Data profiling and cleansing
  • Data discovery and metadata management
  • Data integration and ETL
  • Identify and describe
  • Integrate and move
  • Govern and manage
  • Current process model
  • Current challenges and issues list
  • Updated stakeholder matrix
  • Possible courses of action


Self-Service BI

We offer a combination of self-service modeling and reporting that can bring huge benefits to your analysts and power users. The tool with on-the-fly modeling will help your team identify opportunities sooner and gain more time for action. We build and deploy self-service BI solutions that can handle large volumes of structured or unstructured data. We have established a Centre of Excellence (CoE) on Big Data analytics to enhance our capabilities and to identify and develop best practices and methodology for industry-specific solutions.

  • Interactive visualisation charts
  • Anytime access to cloud, mobile
  • Easy integration of new data sources


  • Help define reports and data feeds
  • Address data integration issues
  • Testing and validation
  • Administrative and end-user training

Dashboards and Reporting

The accurate presentation of data is the key to user adoption. We make sure you find information quickly and in the best format for your scenario. Empowering you with the right set of tools, we will help you get down to the real action with just one click. We use reporting services to create reports and dashboards with a wide variety of chart and gauge formats to extract meaning from extensive business data and turn it into answers.

  • Dashboards to monitor ETL process and exceptions
  • Error tracking to aid bug fixing
  • Automated alerts
  • Data analysis and visualisation
  • Data reporting and consumption
  • Master data management
  • Integrate and move
  • Analyse and present
  • Govern and manage 

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Kishore Anand

Principal Consultant