IONIT enables you to provide a full range of digital workplace technology solutions in your organization and helps drive real-time collaboration and streamline your communications.

Our Solution Offerings

Intranet and Extranet portals

There are many platforms available in the market that provide web content management features, then again SharePoint and Alfresco are undisputed leaders as they combine some of the most essential features together.

We widely use SharePoint/Alfresco to create business portals such as Intranet, Customer Portals, Vendor Portals, Internet public sites, Event related sites etc. Ability to quickly configure critical features such as user authentication, user authorization, content approval and taxonomy reduces the overall development effort. Along with this, the availability of ready to use web-parts (calendars, announcements, discussion boards, query web-parts etc.) further reduces the time and effort to build portals.

Standard features of our portal solutions

  • Branding

  • External connectors 

  • OOTB Approval workflows 

  • Device Channels

  • Security

Document & Records Management

We provide bespoke ECM solutions either on SharePoint or on Alfresco. that address each of the four critical ECM phase effectively i.e. Capture, Manage, Store and Preserve in our solutions based on your need.


SharePoint and Alfresco provide ability to construct structured repositories, enhance content value through metadata and indexing for content discovery. Additionally, integration with Office file formats and its deep integration with different form solutions provide opportunities to capture data and information seamlessly.  With our partnership with Ephesoft, the world leader in OCR technology, we provide you the best in class OCr and ICR features to capture data from physical documents even using your smart phone.


Document management features such as versioning, check in/check out, audit trail, retention and disposition workflows help manage content from creation to archival. SharePoint’s search indexing algorithm is derived from FAST search, the best-known enterprise search application. It’s indexing/fetch algorithm helps in creating an efficient and accurate content discovery application.


Native Usage of SQL features provides administrators the flexibility to store large objects as blob in the file server, thereby making the core database manageable. SQL technology permits a range of backup and restore options that guarantees redundancy and continuity. Metadata based views help users logically organize the documents.


User group based permission system helps in managing authorization effectively and efficiently. Information rights management allows administrators to define how the content is managed and disposed. It can be moved to archive, converted as a record or even deleted.

Automated Invoice processing

Helping one of the largest provider of subsea technologies and services collaborate across 5 countries.

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Business Process Management

The best of the tools can go wrong and may not solve the purpose if the basic requirement and business need is not understood and thoroughly analyzed. The document processing criticality in the business of the customer is understood with great care at IONIT before going ahead with the automation:

  • Understanding the nature of the business of the customer
  • Defining work process flow of our customer by passive observation and active querying
  • Identifying the type of documents,formats and sources
  • Figuring out the pain point of document processing manually or otherwise and its criticality
  • Designing the work process for the automation for smoother running post deployment

Whatever be your requirement, IONIT has a solution to build automated workflows to implement process standardization, activity automation and provide visibility into the process for monitoring and analysis.

Highlights of our BPM solutions

  • Built on either Activiti, SharePoint, Nintex or K2 workflow foundations

  • Custom business logic based routing logic

  • Scalable workflows of varied complexities

  • Supports iterations and long running workflows

  • Perform custom actions in the workflow

  • Automated approval, lazy approval etc.

Enterprise Integration Solutions

Business Connectivity Services facilitates integrating SharePoint with external systems. Through BCS, content from other applications can be read and written back to seamlessly. BCS can connect to web services, OLDB compliant databases and other OData source. This integration helps in developing applications, as listed below.

  • Enterprise search center – content from various applications is crawled by SharePoint and made available within the same search query
  • Reporting and Analytics – Data from disparate systems is combined together to create consolidated reports and analytics
  • Wrapper applications – SharePoint is used to create custom modules that utilizes data from other applications like ERP, CRM etc.
  • Display web-parts – develop web-parts which shows critical information from various applications in a single page
  • Consolidated Dashboards – Collate information regarding customer/vendor/partner in a single page from different applications and modules
  • Create web-based applications for thick client solutions


Highlights of our integration solutions

  • Support common OLDB compliant databases, web services and OData Source

  • Integration support for reading and writing data

  • Enterprise search center

  • Extension modules and wrapper applications

  • Integration with commonly used application – Outlook, Salesforce etc.

Collaboration Management

The key to any successful collaboration platform is through its Information Architecture. Our solutions provide all the ingredients starting from co-authoring, workflows, discussion boards, blogs and wikis which help in information capture as well knowledge sharing and collaboration.

For effective collaboration,  we help organizations facilitate communication and connect people who share common goals to work and think together. Our solutions on SharePoint and Alfresco allow organizations to build efficient directory services where users can search for other employees based on parameters such as name, email ID, skill set, location etc. Employees can maintain their profile and broadcast their information to a larger audience.

All these features packaged together and implemented after thorough planning enhances the overall productivity of disparate work force. Our designs support responsive design, which helps even connect the mobile workforce with the mainstream information platform.

Highlights of our Collaboration management solutions

  • Information Capture

  • Channel collaboration

  • Content Notifications

  • Mobile Workforce

  • Project Collaboration

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Venugopal Prabhoo

Venugopal Prabhoo

Principal Consultant - Collaboration Solutions

Venu is an engineering graduate from College of Engineering and has over 25 years of experience in Manufacturing and IT industries. He believes that true collaboration can be achieved when technology becomes an enabler. With his vast experience on both open source and proprietary systems he is an evangelist who plays the role of a consultant to help your organization achieve it true potential.